Corporate Photography –

Our Bsage Team are always busy on a variety of commissions in Tamilnadu and across India. This Blog is an ideal way to keep our clients both old and new up to date with our Corporate video works and Business Photography.

The corporate photographer is someone who is a master Hero in this corporate multimedia world. He promotes a company’s brand, products, services. Business people, individual business professionals use corporate photography and corporate videography.

Corporate Events on Focus –

He documents special conference events, group galas, trade shows, group portraits, Formal individuals, Branding material, corporate photo shoots, create visual content for internal newsletters, quarterly reports, and marketing materials.

The main goal is to highlight products based on consumer experience to sell a brand, so Corporate Photographers will focus and work according to business clients keeping in mind.

Usually, wedding photography highlights in wedding albums where food photography splashes on Instagram and other social media through blogs and websites, while maternity or new-born shoots will be noticed by social media with likes, comments, and shares while posting.

Where a corporate photographer is not noticed by others but they play a major role in every business.

Types of Corporate Events –

The corporate photographer use, selling their products, establishing a brand, professional portraits, Headshot Photography and more

They need more creativity and innovation tools while taking pictures to differentiate themselves from the competitors is a must.

So, That’s the reason a corporate photographer needs potential marketing and advertising skills and efforts to highlight themselves for advertising campaigns to sell the products they should understand the client and work according to creativity,  vision & specialization.

Talent, creativity and experience matters when it comes to a corporate photography.

Most Importantly, while taking a candid photography shoots we need to be keen on this following –

The Lenses we use / The type of camera / Lighting Equipment / Masters of Lighting Techniques / Angel Techniques / Film Techniques / Digital Editing /

Feeling Inspired, read More


Conference Shows & Corporate Events –

There are many things which we need to address While capturing a conference show or corporate events. The most important is Lightings. you need to check with the client about the location.

Corporate Events are conducted in Indoors as well as outdoors. It can be an award dinner program, Board Meetings, Annual general meetings, Fund raising Events, Media Events, Public Announcements, opening ceremonies or Ribbon cutting, Product Launch, Trade shows, Sales Conferences and more.

Usually, the High-end companies conduct these type of events and use these images for their websites, newsletters, portfolio purposes.


  • Is the event at Indoor or Outdoor
  • kind of images targeted, either Headshots or in general
  • the most important moments to shoot
  • The style of Photography
  • The Date and time of the event happening
  • Any particular products to be captured
  • Lighting equipment’s to use for

Pre-Event Pictures can Bestow the Overall Story –

Photographing the venue, decorative, table arrangements and other beautiful small things before the guest or people arrives.

These are just as important as the story that unwinds!

Usually lots of clients don’t think about this and they don’t require sometimes. But they really appreciate a snap of the settings done where they spent so much time on it.


Product Photography is generally used to showcase the products to make potential buyers attract and purchase specific products.

These type of photography will grab the attention of buyers easily and naturally. Product photography always creates a trust and transparency about the product.


Either it is an online / offline / website visitor, the product always speaks about their brand or business.

“90% of information where our Human brain remembers only through Visuals”

Product Photography is an essential tool in these days where it is essential for both online and offline advertising, Company websites, Flyers, product Catalogues, Brochures, Magazine advertisements, Online ads, and more.

Images always reflect and speak about your brand. The photographs are the key parts for consumer decision making process.

It always helps to determine conversion and retention rates. 93% of consumers consider buying through visualizing the images.

Conclusion –

No matter whether you are looking for Photographers for Corporate events or product photoshoots or Headshots, it is most important to hire a professional photographer because you will not get the best images when you try to take by yourself. A photographer always access the best photography equipment and the expertise to use it.

it doesn’t matter whether your photo shoot is outdoors or indoors either in bright lighting or dull lighting, may be the occasion is in the morning or evening, the corporate photographers take wholesome care and they can help you to capture your event in high definition with perfect Pictures!

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